Payment Link System

Start Receiving Secure Payments with a Single Link

Receive secure payments from your customers in all processes where your hotel needs to be paid with Barboon.


The Easiest Way to Get Payment

You can safely receive payments from your website with a single link specially prepared for your business, which you will send to your customers via e-mail or SMS.


Ready For All Your Payments

Use the Barboon payment link system for all customer, agency and intermediary payments to your hotel.


How Does the Payment Link Work?


Link is sent

A link to pay will be sent to your individual or corporate customer’s mobile phone or e-mail address.


Payment Process

Your customer pays with a credit or debit card on the web page.


Saved to PMS

Received payments are displayed in your PMS system and matched to the reservation.

Payment by link is the payment process which is carried out through the links sent to the customer via SMS or email.

All payments you will receive with Barboon are safe with the 3D Secure infrastructure.

You can reach us via our support line at +90 (850) 333 77 85 to receive all your payments flawlessly and securely.

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