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Over 100 Channels

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What Does a Channel Manager Offer?

channel manager

Manage All Channels

You can define different prices for different OTAs and easily manage the sales made in OTAs.

channel manager

Check Your Reservations

You can instantly view all reservations made over OTAs on your hotel’s PMS system.

channel manager

Accept Reservations Zero-Risk

You can check your availability via Opera and Fidelio Suite8, without worrying about overbooking.

channel manager

Update Your Prices Instantly

You can create price formulas with the quick price entry feature. The price changes you make are instantly reflected on all OTAs.

Channel manager is the module where you can manage your reservations in your hotel's online sales channels from a single platform and make instant price updates.

You can sell your rooms in more than 60 agencies with the channel manager. You can also define different prices for different agencies and manage all your reservations from one place without worrying about overbooking.

Yes, you can increase it. Thanks to the channel manager, you can define different prices for different agencies while managing your rooms for sale in online sales channels in more than 60 agencies from a single place.

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