Hotel Website

Let Barboon create your hotel website!

Barboon offers hotels the opportunity to have their own websites, so you can receive your reservations through your website.


Special Website for Online Reservations

Website Design

If your accommodation business does not have a website; Thanks to Barboon, you can have a special website for your business and you can accept reservations through your website.

Corporate Design

You can meet your customers on your website with a website design that reflects your corporate identity which is specific to your business.

Direct Booking

You can accept reservations through your website, and you can also increase your booking rate directly by creating special offers.


Attract Your Guests To Your Website!

Barboon website solution meets the design, software, and infrastructure needs of your hotel’s website and enables you to reach your guests with your brand new website.

Campaign Management

You can prepare pop-up and banner campaigns on your website and enable it to work integrated with Barboon.

SEO Compatible

With an SEO-compatible infrastructure, you can ensure that your hotel website is ranked higher in search engines.

Responsive Design

You can run your hotel website compatible with all devices such as desktop, tablet, and smartphones.


With the reports, you can view your potential customers accessing your business website.

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