Internet Booking Engine

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Internet Booking Engine Advantages

internet booking engine

PMS Integration

With the integration of Opera and Fidelio Suite8, you can instantly view all your reservations on your PMS system.

internet booking engine

Secure Payment

You can offer your guests full payment or installment payment options with Virtual POS, and receive secure payments with 3D Secure.

internet booking engine

Reservation Management

If there is no availability in your hotel, you can direct your customers to different hotels of your chain business.

internet booking engine

Campaign Modules

You can increase your reservations with this module by creating special campaigns for your guests on your website.

internet booking engine

Country Based Pricing

You can offer country-based special prices and offers, and receive payments in currencies specific to these countries.

internet booking engine

Special Pricing and Campaign Options

With the quick price entry feature, you can create special formulas for different room types and make price entries instantly.

internet booking engine

Additional Service Sales

You can sell special services such as SPA and sauna through Barboon.

internet booking engine

Low Commission Rates

You can get all your reservations from your existing website. Thus, you do not need to pay high commissions to OTAs.


What Can You Do With The Barboon Booking Engine?

internet booking engine

With a design that is 100% compatible with your corporate identity, you can offer your customers a professional and advanced user experience.

You can create mobile-specific promotions to increase your last-minute sales.

You can easily manage your hotel’s Google ads through the Google Hotel Ads program.

You can receive 24/7 support, and you can take advantage of on-site support and training opportunities.


Direct Booking via Google

Google Hotel Ads is a platform that helps guests find the best price by comparing all prices in online agencies and hotels’ own websites.


internet booking engine

Make Your Website Visible

Your hotel’s website will be visible on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant with Google Hotel Ads integration.

internet booking engine

Get Direct Bookings

Reservation requests are directed to your hotel website. Let your guests book directly by checking room availability and price.

internet booking engine

Let Your Profit Increase

Pay lower commissions than OTAs and increase your profits with the commission rates we offer more affordable than agencies.


Frequently Asked Question

You can get your reservations through your hotel's website. So you don't have to pay high commissions to OTAs with the Internet Booking Engine.

You can instantly view all your reservations on your PMS system with the Opera and Fidelio Suite8 integration of the Internet Booking Engine.

Thanks to the Internet Booking Engine, you can get secure payments with 3D Secure by offering your guests payment options via Virtual POS. If your hotel does not have availability, you can direct your customers to different hotels of your chain business. You can offer country-based special prices and campaigns. You can make price entries instantly by creating special price formulas for different room types. You can sell additional services of your hotel.

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