Central Reservation Office

Offer Special Prices to Your Guests

Create special price offers for your guests and increase the quality of service by enabling them to make their payments easily with the Barboon CRO.


Easily Sell Rooms for Your Guests

Thanks to Barboon CRO, you can now create special price offers for your guests calling your hotel by phone. You can easily send the offer to your guests’ e-mail address with ready-made templates and receive your payments securely.

Price options displayed

The prices in the date range that your guest wants to visit your hotel are checked.

Discounted price offer given

A special discounted price offer is given to your guest.

Offer sent to customer

An offer will be sent to your guest’s email address to receive the payment.

Payment is made

Reservation payment is made by credit or debit card.

Reservation confirmed

Confirmed payments are matched with the reservation in the Opera system.


Offer Special Prices, Get Secure Payments

Thanks to Barboon’s secure payment infrastructure, your guests can easily make reservations by paying reservations and additional services quickly, practically and securely.

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